Link Jon Galloway has an interesting write-up on the latest changes to Google’s search algorithms code named “Jagger”

The short and sweet summary is that rather than letting websites “vote” on a page’s relevancy with a link, the trustworthiness of a page is taken into account. For example, a site that has been around longer is potentially considered more trustworthy (assuming it meets other criteria). A page that has incoming links from trustworthy sources is itself more trustworthy.

I had always thought that this was how the PageRank algorithm worked all along. After all, the Google boys original inspiration was the network of citations in academic papers and texts. A citation from a well-cited and trustworthy source boosted the respectability of the cited paper, whereas a citation from a nobody, didn’t account for much.

In the end, I am pretty happy about these changes as my ad-sense revenue has increased lately.