I have a really old Kodak photography book laying around that delivers various tips for how to advance from your typical crapola™ snapshots into something worth boring your friends with on Flickr after your last vacation.

It is really too bad that I’ve forgotten everything the book had to say. Fortunately Robb Allen is starting a series of Photography lessons for our general photography improvement. Read lesson 1 and start taking better pics. Your friends and family will thank you for it.

My personal tip is to buy the biggest memory card you can afford, fill that sucker up when taking pictures, and delete vigorously before showing showing the pics off. Memory is getting cheaper and is way cheaper than paying for film and developing. Why settle for just one chance to get a great shot of your kid picking his nose when you can get three and keep the best. The odds are in your favor.

Just remember to delete vigorously because while memory is cheap, time isn’t.