Giant Village Cancelled

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So it looks like our New Years Plans have been derailed by the rain and the Fire Marshall event organizers as reported by the fire department’s blog. It stopped raining an hour ago, but the wet conditions and the sheer amount of electrical equipment needed for Giant Village has made it a safety hazard. Bummer.

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  1. Avatar for Robert Liang
    Robert Liang December 31st, 2005

    It sounds quiet disappointing, but happy new year to you.

  2. Avatar for Jeremy
    Jeremy December 31st, 2005

    Dude, that sucks. If you get bored feel free to drop by my place. We'll just be sitting around in our P.J.'s eating ice cream and watching Tivo. It's gonna be sweet. We'll probably be up until 12:15am at least. Woo hoo!

  3. Avatar for Jon Galloway
    Jon Galloway December 31st, 2005

    Sorry to hear it. It was too good to be true. 2006 is rocking so far, I can't wait for it to reach you on the west coast. So much better than 2005. What were we thinking with that 2005 stuff, anyways?

  4. Avatar for Keyvan Nayyeri
    Keyvan Nayyeri December 31st, 2005


    But try to enjoy your time anyway ;)

    Happy new year :)

  5. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight December 31st, 2005

    Ironically enough, when I was checking the weather earlier I saw that the WC was getting drenched and wondered about your gala...such a shame man. Here's to '06!

  6. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked December 31st, 2005

    Well the good news is that since we ordered via Groove Tickets, it looks like we'll get a refund.

    We ended up going over to a friend's house and playing a new board game. I think it was called "I'm the Boss". With an Underworld CD playing and a few tasty White Russians, it ended up being a great night nonetheless.