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My good friend Micah finally started a blog. He is the CEO of my company, VelocIT, which makes him a business partner as well as a friend.

Micah is one of those “deep thinkers” which explains why he has two posts already and nothing technical. Just some philosophical rubbish. Come on Micah, show us your code! ;)

All kidding aside, I expect you’ll see some insightful writing on software development, management, etc… This guy used to be a Java programmer so he’s, switched to C#, and now just bosses me around. He has seen the industry from both sides and has a lot of interestings things to say. Now he can just write them down.

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    Steve December 22nd, 2005


    Just checked out CEO Micah's new blog... looking forward to some interesting "deep thought" material to read between my normal consumption of tech writings.

    Speaking of which, I just read your primer: ASP.NET Exceptions 101 for .NET: What and Why (http://www.devsource.com/article2/0,1895,1888558,00.asp). That's some good stuff. Coming from a JAVA-centric background myself, I never really knew (nor do I care to) a world w/o exception processing/handling. However, I have no doubt that this article is a great resource for much of the classic ASP & VB audience out there as they move to the .NET framework(s).

    Great work as always!