Picture of the Day - Metro Entrance Bilbao, Spain

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If Joel can do it with FogBugz, I can try and do it with my blog. That “it” being to post a picture of the day.


This is one of many metro entrances in Bilbao, Spain, home of the Guggenheim Bilbao. As I stated in a previous post, Bilbao is full of interesting design touches like these cool entrances.

Strangely enough, we never went in the metro in Bilbao because everything we wanted to see was within walking distance or a short bus ride.

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  1. Avatar for baus
    baus December 13th, 2005

    That's an amazing piece of architecture. I wonder what the cost to implement it is compare to a common metro entrance.

  2. Avatar for Rudy Sanchez
    Rudy Sanchez February 8th, 2010

    Looks cool and I would like to vist, but I live too far. All the way from San Antonio Texas "Howdy" keep the city lookin nice.