Awesome Christmas Lights Video

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Christmas Lights These days I tend to find the holidays more a burden than something to look forward to. However with my family visiting us this year, I am quite excited. Maybe I’ll put up some lights like this display. The screenshot doesn’t do the video justice. It has to be seen.

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  1. Avatar for Marty Thompson
    Marty Thompson December 7th, 2005

    I saw that when it was being investigated on It is a very cool display, but I'm glad it's not in my neighborhood. ;)

  2. Avatar for Erik Lane
    Erik Lane December 8th, 2005

    Yeah, it is too cool. They've been asked to stop it though. Too much traffic and there was a car wreck.,2933,178023,00.html

  3. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight December 9th, 2005

    That's gotta be several thousand dollars worth of lights and equipment, plus god only knows how long to get it all set up. I guess some people just really like to get in the spirit.

    Very impressive though...I feel bad for his nextdoor neighbors though (reminds me of the Seinfeld chicken episode).

  4. Avatar for Mary Sparks
    Mary Sparks December 13th, 2005

    Amazing!!! I could sit and watch this for hours.

  5. Avatar for michelle
    michelle December 18th, 2005

    this is by far the most awesome light show i've ever seen, my hats off to them, its,Merry christmas everyone