My Mind Is A Blank Slate

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Apparently I am quite sensitive to jet lag. My wife has been cheerful, upbeat, and energetic, while I’ve come very close to biting the heads of little babies and throwing my own feces on the wall. Yeah, it’s that bad.

In this dazed catatonic state, I’ve found my mind to be a blank slate. Not the good kind of blank slate which implies a fresh start. No, I am talking about that dreary empty slate that means I am bereft of ideas. Tap on my head and you hear an endless echoing inside.

The end result is that I am suffering (and “suffering” is not too strong a word my friend) from Bloggers Block. My friend Jon tells me he has five unfinished posts and notes for at least 50. I checked my notes and I have about zilch ideas waiting in the wings.

The best way to beat writer’s block is to write. Anything. So there you have it. I am making you, the reader, suffer through this mindless drivel, so I can remove a block. Interesting content will follow in the future. One hopes.

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  1. Avatar for Jon Galloway
    Jon Galloway December 1st, 2005

    Sounds like I may have a solution to that ghostwriter problem then, huh?

  2. Avatar for optionsScalper
    optionsScalper December 1st, 2005

    Cheer up.

    I have a bunch of stuff I just haven't gotten around to posting, but I hit a wall in July. I added prunes, juice (not from concentrate), dried apricots and various other forms of natural foods high in fiber and it unblocked me.


  3. Avatar for Jeff Atwood
    Jeff Atwood December 1st, 2005

    Yeah, but Jon's full of crap.

  4. Avatar for Jon Galloway
    Jon Galloway December 1st, 2005

    Sticks and stones can... oh, wait, that really hurt!

  5. Avatar for Adam Kinney
    Adam Kinney December 1st, 2005

    Nicely done, I dreamed up a vision of tiny little men entering your head (via the ear, of course) and carrying hammers. Prepare to knock the block out of the way!

    I'm more along the lines of Jon, it sounds. I have piles of "notes; I would like to publish. Its all about the tools though. So of course, i am working on yet another code base rendition for my blog. Got to learn 2.0 baby!

  6. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked December 1st, 2005

    Maybe I need to purchase some of these ideas. Now there's a thought! We could start business selling topics for bloggers to blog on. hmmm...

  7. Avatar for Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell December 2nd, 2005

    Why bother thinking up your own topic when you can just leave a comment on someone elses blog.

    Seriously, half the fun of having a blog is the lack of pressure on having to make that next post. Regular readers read it via RSS subscriptions, so if you don't have any inspiration for 6 months, its ok because people only delete RSS subscriptions based on taste, not lack of recent entries.

  8. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked December 2nd, 2005

    Steve, two words for you. "Page Rank".

    If I don't post in 6 months, my page rank will go down. I'm not writing this for you man. I'm writing for the cheddar!