Well my wife and I arrived back from Spain tonight after a grueling series of flights. Is it just me or has this heightened security environment we live in today given airport staff a crutch to be completely rude and uncommitted to decent service? Is it not possible for security and service to go together hand in hand? It is certainly something we strive for as software developers.

Complaining and bitching aside, we had a great trip and I’ll be sure to bore you with some more detailed stories and photos later. Posting vacation photos on a blog is the modern equivalent of those old three hour slideshows your parents used to bore your neighbors with after a long vacation.

And here we see yet another picture of a stained glass window. Notice the colors, that pretty much look like the last 132 previous slides of stained glass windows.

One nice surprise is that while I was gone, my ad-sense earnings were higher than average. Perhaps I should take more vacations.