Lynx Welcome!

Just going through various stats on my blog today and noticed that last month, there were 57 visits to this site using Lynx.


Are you serious?

Does looking at this site via Lynx make my ass look big?

Lynx, for the unitiated, is a text based browser designed to allow mainframes to present a browsing tool to its users. It is the first web browser I ever used back in college. You ain’t ever navigated the web till you’ve done it in a text browser.

So to you Lynx users, I should mention that we now have these newfangled 32-bit processors that are capable of running browsers that can render and format text and images. They’re really a hoot!

All kidding aside, my understanding is that people still use Lynx for accessibility reasons. For example, blind people can have the site read to them with a Stephen Hawking like voice. That’s pretty sweet.