BoingBoing has this story on a guy who fixes computers in exchange for…er…special favors from female customers. First the plumber, and now the computer guy. This could start a whole new breed of dirty movies.

Fade in cheesy 70s music with the bump-chi-ca-bumb-waaoow Door rings Housewife: (opens door) Who is it? IT Guy: I’m the IT guy. I’m here to fix your computer. (Follows up with cheesy line I refuse to print) Fornication ensues

It’s a damn good thing I know how to fix computers around here. Now I just need to learn how to do the plumbing.

Yes, this is the first post that I feel I had to edit due to AdSense. The last thing I want to see are the ads that would be associated with this post should I have used the words porn and sex.