Haacked.com Makes Breakin' History

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I would like to take this moment to point out that as far as I know (and the judges are still confirming this), I may have made history with my last blog post as the first geek blogger in history to mention Breakin’, Electric Boogaloo and Beat Streat all in the same blog post with proper IMDB linkage.

For you young whippersnappers who missed out on this fine piece of cinema history, you are in luck. Amazon.com offers up its Breakin’ Collection which packages all three of these movies. Perhaps the only movie missing is Krush Groove (which I admit, I never saw).

This is one chapter in the history of hip-hop and breakdance. Learn your roots, foo!

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    Steini November 21st, 2005


    Thanks for a trip down cheesy memory lane. I forgot how easy is was to look fly in your marching band uniform and flat top afro or the shiny pleather coat topped off with a confederate army cap. Political correctness killed that trend. I don't think enough men accessorize with the bandana these days. I've just been putting one around our golden retriever's neck. Who knew I could look super duper turbo fly with it as well? Did anyone else have a crush on Lucinda Dickey? I think my favorite film of hers was Ninja III: The Domination, but that may be because I haven't seen Cheerleader Camp yet