I Ain't Chicken...I WILL Deploy 2.0

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Chicken An IM conversation I had with a teammate on a project today…

haacked: Hey, let’s just switch the whole proj to VS.NET 2005 while I’m fixing things.\ Teammate: i can’t tell if you’re kidding or not\ haacked: kidding.\ haacked: sort of.\ Teammate: yeah… we should be brave… but maybe a little later\ haacked: what? Are you chicken? BWOK! BWOK! BWOK! (emphasis added… editor)\ Teammate: i ain’t chicken!\ haacked: <!– (Because that’s so effective a motivator)\ Teammate: dude, i’ll recompile in .Net 2.0 and deploy to production right now!\ haacked: I DARE You! Do it man! Do it!\ Teammate: well, i would but i don’t have 2005 installed on this machine… but otherwise, i would totally do it\ Teammate: man if i had 2005 installed, you’d be so moded\

Notice that after all these years, the power of the BWOK BWOK still has its sway. It’s the real reason that lemmings jump off of cliffs. It isn’t because the other lemmings do it. It’s because one brash lemming challenged the others by calling them chicken and making the BWOK BWOK sound. Perhaps said lemming even flapped his furry little arms in a chicken imitation. That seems to really get people’s…er…feathers ruffled.

Oh, and if you are a current or potential client, I would never simply deploy a new platform mid-project like that. But this other guy might. ;)

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    symbi November 10th, 2005

    Since the VS2005 Express Editions are totally free downloads for the next 12 months, Teammate can't hide behind that lame "don't have it on my machine" excuse.

    The interweb dares you, teammate.


    Bwok indeed.