The title of my post is meant to indicate that this post is not technical in nature, but rather just a bit of small talk, chit-chat, idle conversation. You know, the sort of surface level conversation meant to break the ice and pass the time. How is the weather where you are?

The weather where my parents and brother live is rather cold right now. Today’s high was 20° F with a low of 8° F (that’s -6.7° C and -13° C respectively). Tomorrow they will enjoy a brisk 12° F high and 2° F low (which is -11° C and -16° C). Brrrr!

That’s why we’re looking forward to having them thaw out by visiting us in December. Right now we’re enjoying a nice high of 75° F and a low of 56° (egads! Time to bust out a sweater!).

Meanwhile, we are excitedly looking forward to our trip to Spain coming up. We are flying into Madrid, travelling to León and then Bilbao. Afterwards we’re off to Barcelona for a few days before flying back.

Mi esposa y yo estamos practicando nos español para el viaje. When we need to use the bathroom, we are fully prepared to ask, but hope they point rather than give us directions.

[Listening to: Namistai - Paul van Dyk - Out there and back (CD 2) (8:21)]