VIDEO: Richard Simmons Visits Whose Line Is It Anyway.

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Whose Line Ok, I may have misfired with the last video, but this is truly hilarious. It passed the “Wife Test” (the last one didn’t).

I hear this is an old one, but it is a clip from the humorous Improv show, “Whose Line Is It Anyways?” with Drew Carey, Wayne Brady, etc all

In this one, Richard Simmons is a guest.

Watch it! (this time, I did not forget to link to it). It takes a bit of time to download and get started, so be patient.


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  1. Avatar for Diego Pires Plentz
    Diego Pires Plentz October 23rd, 2005

    "(this time, I did not forget to link to it)"


  2. Avatar for Scott C. Reynolds
    Scott C. Reynolds October 24th, 2005

    nice job on the link. :P

    For the record, I lmao at the last video.

  3. Avatar for knyphe-phyter
    knyphe-phyter April 1st, 2006

    this is by far the funniest thign ever broadcast on television.

  4. Avatar for Ally
    Ally September 20th, 2006


  5. Avatar for Rocky
    Rocky November 12th, 2007

    This has got to be the most pathetic display of untalented performers trying to be funny and the addition of Richard Simmons just made it disturbing. I have never even as much as cracked a smile watching this show....I have given it the benefit of a doubt and watch about 1/2 dozen times...AWFUL

  6. Avatar for GregoryRN
    GregoryRN March 23rd, 2008

    Just superb! Just a bunch of guys at the office! What a fun job! Thanks for the laugh, it really made my day...

  7. Avatar for Swampy
    Swampy July 6th, 2010

    I looooovveeeee Richaaarrrrrrrrdddd Simmooonnndddddssss !!!! I love his personality and how he enters the show is truly hilarious !!!! When the other man lies on top of Richaaarrrrdd Simoonndssss and says "this ones wet" that was also a highlight of the show. I keep watching this again and again i love Richhhaaarrrrrddd Simmooonnndssssss :) Even though your gay i will always be the women for you !!!! <3 xxxxxx