Open Bar

Last night the missus and I attended the launch party for American Idol Underground, the site I’ve been working on for a client.

The second best part of the party was when we arrived to two huge lines right outside of the Cabana Club. We expected a relatively small party, but it ended up swelling to a major event. Two lines extending in opposite direction full of meticulously coiffed “industry” types.

Figuring this was off to a bad start, we walked to the center of the two lines to figure out which line we were supposed to wait in. Waiting in line. That’s what us little people do. We wait in lines.

So when we made it to the center, we ran into the administrative assistant for the client. I asked her which line we were supposed to wait in and I loved her reply. “Oooh nooo. There’s no line for you.” She motioned the bouncers to let us straight in and we were given a staff badge that gave us VIP access.

I have to admit we felt just a bit like rockstars, except without all the lines of coke, bad hair, and breakups and reunion tours. So this is the special treatment that celebrities get at clubs. Cutting ahead of the masses of peons wating in line. The little people.

Inside we had access to the supposed VIP rooms, saw Spinderella from Salt ’n Pepa as well as that guy who played the bus driver and band manager in the movie Ray, Clifton Powell.

The best part of the party was the open bar. The music was fine too, but you have to love an open bar staffed by talented professional bartenders. Each drink was a worthy concoction, pleasing to the tastebuds, and pleasant on the eyes.

My former SkillJam coworkers in attendance certainly were livened by the open bar. You know how mixing water and potassium can cause an explosion? It’s a bit like that when you mix alcohol and my former coworkers…a party breaks out. Always a good time with them folks.

[Listening to: Solitude (Duke Ellington) - Ella Fitzgerald - Love Songs: Best Of The Verve Song Books (2:09)]