My weekends just seem to get better and better every week. Since going independent and then starting a company with a friend, my work weeks have been much more enjoyable. Fortunately, my weekends have kept up as well.

This past Saturday we went to the Decompression LA party. Decompression is a big party held by various Burning Man regional groups. I hear the best (and biggest) one is the one held in San Francisco.


The idea behind it is that it serves as decompression from returning to our normal pressure filled lives after the bliss that is Burning Man. It’s a way to bring a bit of that Burning Man spirit to the city. For those that have been curious about Burning Man, Decompression is a once a year party that is very much like a mini-Burning Man, but without all the annoying Playa dust and everyone is clean.

It’s billed as a 12 hour street fair (noon to midnight) with performers, art, art cars, and of course, everyone in their Playa wear. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention the three city blocks of thumping music.

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries, so I didn’t take many pics. But here’s one of something I really wanted to see someone operate. At the party we met up with Bruce and Kelly, two people we met at the Playa. We also met up with Dane, Mark, and Erika, the crew I went with.

The rest of my weekend consisted of the usual, Soccer games, working on Subtext, working on an article, relaxing.