Who The Hell Cares What a Blogger Is Listening To?

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Every now and then on various blogs (including mine), you’ll notice a little snippet at the bottom of a post that looks something like…

[Listening to: Never Forget - Paul Van Dyk - Reflections (5:26)]

This is usually inserted by a plug-in to some media player (in my case iTunes) that allows the blogger to easily insert information about what is currently playing.

So in the comments of my last post, Jeff Atwood asks the pertinent question (and I’m paraphrasing here).

Why the hell do I care what you were listening to when you wrote that post?

I attempted some bullshit answer about how writing is art and music influences art. Blah blah blah.

However, in an attempt at introspection and honesty, the real answer is:

Because I’m an egomaniacal Bandwagon jumper!

Yeah, that’s right! I saw some others do it, so I started doing it. I jumped on the bandwagon.

The egomaniacal aspect relates to the belief that someday, I am going to be so freaking famous that everyone will scour my trash to discover what brand of floss I use. Even more, they’ll want to know what music I listened to when I wrote. They’ll have college courses where they deconstruct my writings in the context of the music I was listening to at the time. They’ll even write alternative histories such as…

How would the texture of the article on the Poor Management Epidemic have changed were he listening to Rage Against The Machine when he wrote it as opposed to Röyksopp?

Oh yes, it will happen. Oh yes. Just you watch Jeff.

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  1. Avatar for Colin
    Colin October 10th, 2005

    I thought it was to show your readers that you occasionally listen to something other than The Chemical Brothers. :)

  2. Avatar for Needs Improvement
    Needs Improvement October 10th, 2005

    I haven't done any egotistical bandwagon jumping in a while. Since becoming a consultant, I've: Flown from Toronto to Halifax and back 12 times. Flown from Toronto to Seattle, by way of Denver, and back once. Been delayed, missed...

  3. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight October 10th, 2005

    Just wait until I get my "this song will download to your machine while you read my blog and you'll have to listen to it" up and running...oh wait, MySpace already has an annoying feature like that.

    On a serious note, I do have to agree w/ Phil on this one...coming from a strong musical background it's nice to see the tunage being listened to whilst the bloggee ws posting...if only they could make a plugin for WinAmp...I only use WMP for pr0n. ;-)

  4. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked October 10th, 2005
  5. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight October 11th, 2005

    Hmm...appears to be for WinAmp 3.x only, running 5.x over here. The "Install" button in the installer is greyed out (badly written installer IMO if it's hardcoding one specific version number).

    Let's see who can find a newer version first :-).