dsc00694 Akumi and I decided to turn the business trip into a short weekend getaway. After the meeting, we all went out to Espetus, a brazilian churrasco place. Each table had a simple dial. Turn it to green and the waiters with the sticks keep coming to your table offering slices of sweet glorious meat. Turn it to red to put a temporary end to the gluttony. Needless to say, it took an extreme amount of willpower to turn that dial to red once we set it to green.

The next morning, Akumi and I ate at a fantastic Dim Sum place, the name escapes me right now but we have the card somewhere.

Once again gorging ourselves, we were pleased to have a bill with a grand total of just some pocket change over twenty bucks. What a deal!

We then met up with an old friend of Akumi’s and the friend’s wife. The friend is a product designer and works for the very well regarded IDEO. His wife works at a marketing agency and is responsible for the Banana Republic account. They are what are known as “creative types”.

After a great time with them, we checked out some stores, I played with the PSP at the Sony Metreon, then we headed over to Oakland to catch a plane back. Now I’m up way too late for my own good hacking away at this blog. Good night.