Walt provides this interesting look at how blogs have some influence within the Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Roberts.

One of the Senators, who had read the blog (or more likely, whose staff had read the blog) asked Judge Roberts which type of umpire he would be…

More interesting than the substance of this exchange is that blogs are actually influencing the Senate confirmation hearings for one of the most important positions in our government!

Now I just need to get these Senators to read my blog so they can ask the really pertinent questions such as:

  • Are you an “in-y” or an “outy”?
  • Boxers or Briefs?
  • Tastes Great or Less Filling?
  • Mac, Windows or Linux?
  • Will you be the first Supreme Court Justice in history to have a blog? (editor note: Yeah, right.)
  • Value Type or Reference Type? And if Reference Type, in which circumstances would you implement IDisposable and in which cases would you choose to implement a finalizer? Please frame your answer by considering how the power of Eminent Domain figures or doesn’t figure into this discussion.

The public wants to know!

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