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Well my Page Rank (and traffic numbers) are suddenly down as of last week. It wasn’t a gradual drop as one would expect, but more of a rapid freefall descent like any stock I’ve ever purchased.

But this post isn’t here to whine. I’m just giving a bit of thanks and link love to those who linked to my blog in order to help my PageRank. It’s reminiscent of a modern day “HaackedAID” benefit. (For the price of one link a day, you too can join us to help helpless bloggers like Haacked one day have hope to emerge from the basement of Google PageRank and live a normal and overly obsessed about numbers blogger life. Won’t you help. This is Sally Struthers signing off.).

So as I said, I really appreciate those of you who linked to me to help. It was very kind. It didn’t work.

Nonetheless, throw some link love right back atcha, but in Romper Room style.

I see Scott Cadillac, and there’s Jayson, and, oh look over there! It’s Ryan Rinaldi and Barry.

Ummm… this is what happens when you drink very very strong coffee. You start bringing back bad memories of Romper Room.

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  1. Avatar for Corey Ward
    Corey Ward August 27th, 2005

    From a marketing perspective...

    With posts on the topics that you have, the majority of your viewers are probably tech-inclined. Given that the largest generation of tech-inclined Americans are ages 14-27, I wouldn't doubt that your statistics being down has something to do with the fact that most schools started last week/this week.

    Don't worry though! Once everything gets settled in you should see your hits coming back!

  2. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked August 27th, 2005

    Damn punk kids today! Don't they have better things to do than go to school?

    Them kids should be google searching and clicking on links within my site! School. Bah!

  3. Avatar for Barry Dorrans
    Barry Dorrans August 27th, 2005

    Ah there's the link love for me, finally, who has Phil blog rolled, and has had for over a year. All it took was a big pointy stick :)