Off Color Joke Involving a Farmer

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Ha ha ha! Thanks for publishing this one Robb. If anyone is offended, my finger is pointing at Robb. I’m just the messenger.

A farmer walks into his bedroom where his wife is lying on the bed, reading a book. The farmer picks up a sheep he had brought with him in the room and throws it on the bed.

“That’s the pig I screw when you’re not in the mood,” says the Farmer.

“That’s not a pig, that’s a sheep, “ replies his wife.

“Shut up, “ says the farmer, “I’m not talking to you!”

[Via Sharp as a Marble]

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  1. Avatar for casey chesnut
    casey chesnut August 11th, 2005

    and then you say 'the aristocrats'

  2. Avatar for Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell August 12th, 2005

    Sadly, I had to read it twice :-/