A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I wrote a really simple little class for converting State Codes to State Names and Vice Versa.

Essentially, this class contained two enums, one for state codes such as AK and CA. Another enum contained state names such as Alaska and California. There were static methods that facilitated converting between the the two as well as string representations.

Simple stuff really, but very helpful if you deal with states all the time. However, just today I received an email from Omer pointing out that I am trusting the order of the two enums values to be aligned to allow conversions between the two. While it happens to work, it creates a dependency on the order of the values that doesn’t need to be there. You never know when we’ll annex Iraq as our 51st state and need to add a value to the enums.

In any case, I took Omar’s Omer’s suggestion to have one of the enums refer to the other. For example, here’s a snippet of the StateCode enum.

public enum StateCode
  /// <summary\>Alabama</summary\>
  AL = State.Alabama,
  /// <summary\>Alaska\</summary\>
  AK = State.Alaska,
  ///... and so on

The code is available on GitHub.