I’m in San Francisco for a working meeting for a client. We’re doing a bit of project planning and working through the specs and schematics. The thing I love about San Francisco is I never have a bad time, even if I’m only here for two days and one night.

Last night, my buddy Micah took me, his sister, and her boyfriend out to a nice bar/club named “Milk”. The DJs mixed it up with a bit of neo-soul, hip-hop, etc.. and we closed the place down. Afterwards, I had real trouble getting to sleep, finally snoozing at around five AM.

I’m so tired at this point, my head can’t even make sense of it. I feel like I’m walking in an alternate world than everyone else. Like I’m the one black and white character in a color TV show. The slight bit of tunnel vision doesn’t help either. And no, I did not take any “foreign” substances last night, unless you count just a tiny eensy weensy bit of alcohol.