blogging my way to
pdc This is my feeble attempt win an all expense trip to the PDC this year. All I have to do is explain why I want to attend. Unfortunately, I’ll be judged on creativity, value to the community, writing quality and style. It was my hope that my dashing good looks and slipping someone a freshly minted bill would suffice.

Well the reason I want to attend is simple, it’s to play XBox 360… AND to get a heads up on the upcoming technology Microsoft is churning out. I’m particularly interested in future versions of VS.NET and ASP.NET. I hope to get some ideas to apply to Subtext.

As for sharing with the community, there’s this blog thing I have. I’ve recently inherited a video camera so I will very likely place videos and photographs on here, along with witty and insightful commentary (assuming I can hire that witty and insightful off-shore ghost writer). Like a relentless avalanche, I’ll go door to door and tell people in person if that’ll help.

Lastly, I’d like to drop the economic argument: I live in Los Angeles, so Microsoft can stay lean and mean and save a buck on the air fare voucher, though I’d gladly accept the hotel accomodations. Bill and Steve will pat you on your back for your resourcefulness.