Verizon Fiber Optic Internet Service

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Ah man, this isn’t available in my neigborhood yet, but they’re offering 15 Mbps/2 Mbps internet access for $49.95. That’s what I’m paying now for my cable service.

I can’t wait till they roll this out in our neighborhood.

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  1. Avatar for Scott Elkin
    Scott Elkin June 3rd, 2005

    I am across the street from The Grove and just put my name in the "notify me" form. This IS exciting!

  2. Avatar for Walt
    Walt June 4th, 2005

    In my neighborhood in Seattle, which is supposedly a high-tech city, DSL isn't even available, which is too bad because DSL is now just $15 a month here. So we are stuck with a high cable service bill. Cable may be faster, but not enough to justify a three times higher price.

  3. Avatar for Sharp as a Marble
    Sharp as a Marble June 5th, 2005

    I have it worse than you. Several of my friends at work who live a scant 10 miles from me have it. One of them sends me screenshots on ocassion (he's actually hit 17Mbps).

    Verizon laid the FO cable in my neighborhood a year ago. I remember it well because they cut my cable while they were doing it. However, that's all they did. They didn't hook it up nor do they have any idea when they will.

    Now I know how King Tantillus felt.

  4. Avatar for Greg
    Greg June 6th, 2005

    When we first got to Singapore, we signed up for Cable at 6.5 Mbps for about U.S. $40 a month. We're now considering upgrading to the 25 Mbps service. However, it's prohibitively expensive at U.S. $60 a month...

  5. Avatar for .e.
    .e. June 7th, 2005

    The offer sounds good but not without a guarantee of some level of bandwidth.

    Phil, remember all those network bandwidth problems we've been dealing with for *months*... Well... take a guess at who the provider *was*.

    Sharp as a Marble says it all -- "they cut my cable while they were doing it." They sure do know how to get the job done!

    Months of promised bandwidth and all they could deliver was a broadband connection with download speeds less that a 56K modem. *No one* within their organization could find the root of the problem. They couldn't explain it and they couldn't fix it.

    In short... do your homework before you pay Verizon $50 a month for internet service. In the end you might find that it would be worth paying them $50 a month not to give you the worst customer service you'll ever experience.

  6. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked June 7th, 2005

    Ah, good point Erik. I totally forgot that you were talking about Verizon. Yeah, I'll probably stay away till someone else offers it.

    Of course, it's a choice between bad and wores. Take the monopoly cable service, or go with bad service Verizon.

  7. Avatar for thomas
    thomas June 23rd, 2005

    i work for verizon dsl as tecj support for years i have never trouble shot a fiber optic dsl all i have ever seen is 3360 upstream and 864 up stream you all lying

  8. Avatar for thomas
    thomas June 23rd, 2005

    sory all i mean to say is 3360 down stream 864 upstream if fiber is out there i havent seen it yet and i do all of the tech support i would be the first to know

  9. Avatar for CP
    CP June 28th, 2005
  10. Avatar for Ivan
    Ivan July 5th, 2006

    They are installing FiOS as I am typing this. Dragging a huge yellow cable through my wall. OOOOh I can't wait.

  11. Avatar for Jeb Stuart
    Jeb Stuart August 18th, 2006

    Do you know what a shift key is?
    Do you know tech has an H in it?
    Do you know sorry is spelled with 2 R's?
    Do you know "you all lying" sounds stupid?
    If you are tech support for Verizon, no GD wonder I am still using dial-up. Stop lying and get a typing program.

  12. Avatar for mandy
    mandy September 15th, 2006

    does fiber optic goes with the phone line or from the cable company?
    im confused.... i guess it goes thru with the fone line like DSL connection right?

  13. Avatar for Chris
    Chris November 14th, 2006

    Of course Thomas is tech support for Verizon DSL. He's in Afghanistan, or someplace like that, getting paid $5 a day, and probably handing that over to Osama. YOur lucky that he can type at all, most over there can't even speak their own language, much less English. Don't you know Verizon follows the American way...... oustsource everything you can to some underpriveleged nation, that doesn't comprehend English, and take advantage and exploit them as much as possible, unless of course your talking about the services your company offers. Then, overate, advertise the moon, sell the customer a seat on the next Space Shuttle, and provide nothing.
    And no Mandy, it does not go through the phone line, it is a fiber potic cable ran into your home, you will receive an adapter for your phone just like you would for cable VOIP service, a fiber optic modem for internet, and in some areas, a set top box for FIOS TV, hell they don't even offer the service here, although they advertise the hell out of it, I should be selling this thing, so I can rip off my fellow Americans as well. Isn't the way of our land lovely?

  14. Avatar for Josh
    Josh December 15th, 2006

    Well, 1st of all. Chris your a A$$ hole.
    2nd Verizon has GREAT customer service. I use them for Wireless and they have the best service, reliability, clearness, coverage, customer service, ALL!!!

  15. Avatar for akalafr
    akalafr December 29th, 2006

    Just wanted to find out if verizon has plans to install fiber optic lines for apartment complexes.

  16. Avatar for YAHOO!!!
    YAHOO!!! January 31st, 2007

    wait wait wait... so as mandy said.. Is this through a phone line??? So basically if you don't have a phone line you won't have the service? I don't get it.. someone plz explain, and thank you!

  17. Avatar for Rich
    Rich February 1st, 2007

    YAHOO!!!, go onto a site I like to call "Google" and look it up. It's not that hard. Simply type in "fiber optic internet", and viola! There are 23,400 pages waiting to tell you how it works, and why it doesn't need a phone line to work. Also, it's spelled please. The rest of your post was almost perfect in grammar, and you ruined it with "plz". Also read the posts above yours, there is a link to the Verizon site for FiOS. Please learn how to use the internet, rather than asking the same questions over and over again like a parrot.
    - Rich

  18. Avatar for DR
    DR February 20th, 2007

    You guys are just too funny! You have to pick of small issues and skate around the ones people are asking questions about. Simple minded are you?
    Just answer people's questions and stop all the bickering over spelling, etc.

  19. Avatar for john richard
    john richard March 6th, 2007

    or you could all shut up and let people decide for themselves what they think of the new fiber optic lines

  20. Avatar for dave
    dave March 14th, 2007

    fuk all ya im getting fiber optic internet bitches

  21. Avatar for Ben
    Ben April 17th, 2007

    I have been interested in FiOS for a long time, and have heard that in some places its dirt cheap (read $20/mo. w/ limited download size). All I want to know is if it is offered here in Nebraska and which cities (Lincoln and Omaha are obvious places so dont include them), who offers it, and how much it costs.

  22. Avatar for andy
    andy July 2nd, 2007

    Rich who appointed you custodian of spelling. Many people spell phonetically when on the net it saves key strokes. Do you know what they are. Verizon is hooking me up this week and I have no idea how it works. But i guess you will tell me the workings and how i should network my laptop and desktop won't ya?

  23. Avatar for lennon
    lennon July 19th, 2007

    Is any if this available in toronto Canada.
    I would definately get fibre optic, I could use it right now.

  24. Avatar for Kurt
    Kurt August 15th, 2007

    my 1st time checking into it, sounds like a myth, i just wanted to know if it was available for my area, (in Northern MI)?

  25. Avatar for skee
    skee August 26th, 2007

    Just tryed to sign up for it here in Sugarland, Texas.. and had no luck.. when i asked to speak with someone who might know when they were expanding out into my area the cs guy said "no one knows about it" .. Wtf?

  26. Avatar for big papa
    big papa September 27th, 2007

    Fiber optic is the next step of faster internet for most countrys. AT&T spend 6.3 billion dollars trying to hook up as many people as they can. Also if you go with AT&T the company is talking about spying on people that download share illegal files and they are talking about the fact as we are talking about the fiber optic internet. SO GOD BYE TO ALL THE Illegal sharing of files becuase the fiber optic internet is way easyer to monitor then the regular DSL and cable internet. You can find more info. on this at

  27. Avatar for Pat
    Pat February 12th, 2008

    I've had Verizon Fios for about a year. It worked great most of that time but when I started having issues, the customer service was unavailable, I generally get a recording of "The maximum number of callers has been reached, please try again later." Apparently the customer service has not grown along with the Fios service. Is there another provider for the same type service?

  28. Avatar for Harry
    Harry June 6th, 2008

    ok fiber optic does sound like it has it's good points and bad points to it. my question is this. why would they continue doing stuff like this when it has become very obvious that they still have not made what has been available work better first. dsl is getting slower every day and any of the downloads that verizon offers are not available for windows vista even.

    serac ohw dellepssim eb thgim ffuts emos dna

  29. Avatar for Linda
    Linda June 7th, 2008

    I have Verizon FIOS and I really like it (had it for about 1 and 1/2 months now). Probably the only thing I do not like about the FIOS service, is that Verizon makes you sign up for a two year agreement to get the discount on your telephone service and internet bundle. Also they do not guarantee that any of you additional computers that you have a wireless connection going to the FIOS will perform at the same rate of speed as the initial computer. - and it doesn't, it is slower, sometimes very slow. I previously had Verizon DSL and felt it was quite slow.
    Regarding Verizon customer service, I have had Verizon since they took over GTE way back when for my telephone service and I have had Verizon Wireless since they took over Airtouch. I find there customer service to be very good.

  30. Avatar for boo
    boo August 16th, 2008

    I agree with big papa. They can monitor what you do but that doesn't matter cuz most torrent programs have an encryption option that pretty much hides the data your sending. although this slows down your downloads a little it wont make much difference on a FO connection. I just wish they would supply it in my area... I hate ATT...

  31. Avatar for Sue
    Sue September 27th, 2008

    I just signed up for 20/20 FIOS Internet + TV and phone. Verizon told me FIOS is much faster than my current cable provider, Comcast. I have 100Mbps in my wired computer. It is prity fast but sometimes gets slow. I 've been through the difference between MBps(Mega Byte per second) and Mbps (Mega bitper second), but still I cannot get a response about what Verizon offers if 20/20MBps or 20/20Mbps. When I called they asured me it was MBps delivered at the door not at the curb like Comcast(shared cable broadband)does, but the contract reads Mbps. Anyone of you knows what they actually offer if it is MBps or Mbps and if Verizon 20/20 FIOS is really faster than Comcast 100Mbps?

  32. Avatar for Kyle
    Kyle November 2nd, 2008

    I'm almost positive it is mbps. For the sake of anyone that doesn't know, mbps is megabits per second, as MBps is megabytes per second. There are 8 bits in a byte, therefore 20mbps is 2.5MBps, which is the way your computer displays it. Internet providers, from what I have seen, always refer to mbps. I guess the larger number looks better and makes people that are unaware, feel they are getting more for their money.
    Also, to answer the previous question, I have Comcast and as far as I know, the top package they provide is 9mbps, along side their burst of 12mbps. The 100mbps that you're referring to is the top speed of your LAN. I'm sure when you start your computer, the networking icon comes up and says that you are connected to your 100mbps network, am I right? That is merely the maximum speed of your LAN card, not the speed of your internet. Hope that helps.