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I know it’s been around a good while now and has been the darling of the blogging community far that time, but I only recently started to play with Flickr. My initial resistance was due to my complete dissatisfaction with other online photo management tools such as oFoto, Yahoo Photos, SnapFish etc…

However, after spending only a few moments with Flickr, I can see that Flickr has put a lot of thought into photo management in an effort to get it right. It’s so good that I am reconsidering whether I even need a desktop photo management software. I probably won’t give up Photoshop Album just yet since I don’t want EVERY photo online. Besides, you never know when a company will go out of business, taking my photos with it. However my top feature request for the next version is Flickr integration.

I’ve been emailing some friends trying to get them to join. My photos are located at Feel free to add your own tags if you have relevant information.

There are two things I love about Flickr so far, its social tagging format (I can allow anyone to add tags to my photos, rather than trying to organize everything myself and I can add tags to my friends’ photos) and its API. I haven’t played with the API directly, but the fact that there are some really cool tools for uploading photos quickly and easily is evidence that they’ve really thought through how to let others extend Flickr.

So give it a shot, and try not to waste too much playing with it when you should be working.

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  1. Avatar for Walt
    Walt May 31st, 2005

    I use the Microsoft photo album software, and the tag feature is something I really like about it. With one click I can pull up any photo with certain individuals or a landscape or city-scape, etc. It would be nice if Flickr could upload my existing tags along with the photos (maybe it can, I haven't tried). Also, a "view similar" feature, where Flickr finds other photos (either from your network or all public photos) based on composition would be nice.

    By the way, Phil, I saw you added me as a tag. Thanks!

  2. Avatar for Anton Olsen
    Anton Olsen June 3rd, 2005

    I've been playing with the flickr API fo a couple months now, using both PHP and BASH. The API has plenty of features, but there is some room for improvement. I haven't found anything I wanted to do but couldn't, although in a few cases it's taken multiple api calls when I think one should suffice.

  3. Avatar for John C
    John C June 4th, 2005

    Flickr was recently aquired by yahoo so i sort of doubt they are going out business anytime soon.


    John C

  4. Avatar for SK
    SK June 22nd, 2005

    Only recently did I check out Flickr and while I am not much of a photographer myself I like to look at photos. What I found was that it was so easy to find the right photos when the album owners took the time to use the right tags.

  5. Avatar for DJTI
    DJTI August 9th, 2010