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Subtext Logo For the past several days, I’ve been consumed with working on the Subtext blogging engine (not to be confused with the Subtext programming language). It’s been the most fun I’ve had writing software since, well, since working on RSS Bandit as a matter of fact. ;)

Speaking of RSS Bandit, Dare offers some good advice for those starting an Open Source project. I’m going to have to pick his (and others) brain some more and maybe write a short article with advice on starting and continuing an open source project. Especially since I’ve already violated one piece of his advice, which is to save the announcement till you have a release, in order to generate more excitement.

Despite not having a release yet, I have seen some excitement in the community over this project and I appreciate all the well wishers. If you’re interested in taking a look, you can get the latest source code at any time, but you’ll have to use CVS until we get a release prepared. I was working furiously to get an installer package ready, but upon the advice of the team, I put that aside so we could focus on having a more compelling release first. That also bought me some time and breathing room as I was completely stuck on a problem using WiX.

So far, some of the interesting features I’ve implemented are…

  • Friendly and informative error pages for missing blog_config records and malformed (or just wrong) connection string.
  • Skins can now add an edit link visible only to the admin user to the ViewPost page. So when viewing a page as an admin, you can click the edit link to go directly to the post editor. Sometimes I like to edit an older post and hated having to page through so many records. Instead, I can use Google to find the post and then click the edit link.
  • Fixed the MetaBlogAPI. I hated the fact I couldn’t edit old posts with w.Bloggar. Now I can.
  • Syndication compression (for aggregators that support it) using contributed code.
  • Applied a contributed patch to add “image”, “license”, and “copyright” elements to the RSS feed for those that want it.
  • Comments can be turned off after a configurable number of days.
  • … and more!

Already it’s at a point that I can’t wait to deploy it to my own blog. But I’m going to hold off till we can implement a few more features and get the installation package together. That’s the biggest technical challenge right now and I welcome any offers of help on that.

My pace on this project will slow by necessity as I get my consulting projects moving forward. But I have to admit, I’m having so much fun on this I often catch myself daydreaming about finding a wealthy patron to sponsor me to work on open source projects. But a foot set firmly in reality snaps me out of that stupor and back to writing code.

[Listening to: Plantastic - Artifacts - Lee Burridge - Nubreed 005 CD2 (6:01)]

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  1. Avatar for Jason
    Jason May 9th, 2005

    I'm diggin' that logo. We gonna use it?

  2. Avatar for Dave Burke
    Dave Burke May 9th, 2005

    Sounds great. Don't have TOO much fun! It just dawned on me that you are skilled in both RSSBandit and dot/subText. (I'm a little slow sometimes.) What a sweet skillset for future integration!

    Everything you're doing sounds great. My only comment is that I think photos play an important part in a blogging engine. That's all for now. Regards!

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked May 9th, 2005

    Unless we get something better, yeah, we'll use it. In fact, even if we get something better, I think it'll be just a polishing up of the logo.

    Robb Sharp put that logo together.

  4. Avatar for Scott Schecter
    Scott Schecter May 10th, 2005

    Any interest in creating a DotNetNuke Module version of SubText?

  5. Avatar for Jeremy Brayton
    Jeremy Brayton May 13th, 2005

    A suggestion:

    Use WiX to install the binaries and source

    Use a separate WinForms app as a "configurator" that is done after the fact. This keeps you from having to reinstall it just to get the database setup, or setup the initial cruft that was .Text.

    I had planned on doing this but once I saw you started to go the WiX route I abandoned it. Personally I don't have the time, but it's a LOT easier to manage SQL and what you need to do from WinForms than it ever would be with WiX. Then again I only know enough of WiX to install stuff, not actually manipulate SQL or other things.

    If it's still running slow I could try to bang something together. Wouldn't be pretty but it would solve the problem.

  6. Avatar for Richard Hsu
    Richard Hsu May 19th, 2005


    I agree with you in that we need an open source project which enhances .Text purely as a blogging web app. However, I wonder, why not DasBlog ? is it because it stores its data as xml files ?

    Many times I have been tempted to write my own blogging engine in Asp.Net it never materialised as I don't blog that much myself.

    It would be really interesting to see how Subtext evolves. I'll definitely be watching it and deploy it if I feel comfortable enough.

  7. Avatar for Walter
    Walter May 30th, 2005

    My one request is that you leave support for the Referral Source and URL that are in the original DotText. That feature was apparently removed from Community Server blogs.

  8. Avatar for Duncan
    Duncan September 10th, 2007

    Hi, Great Blogging tool, however do I have to show the Subtext logo? I've kept all references to subtext in the code, but want to seamlessly integrate subtext into my site.

  9. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked September 10th, 2007

    Duncan, you do not have to show the Subtext logo at all.

  10. Avatar for sos cardiaque
    sos cardiaque March 14th, 2013

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