Awesome Music Video. What Happens When Your Work Follows You Around?

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Music Video Screenshot This is quite possibly one of the coolest music videos ever.

p.s. anyone know how to take a screenshot of a video in windows media player?

UPDATE: Well as you can see I can take screenshots now thanks to Jon Galloway’s suggestion to use Fraps. Sweeet.

[Listening to: F.C. Kahuna / What Is Kahuna? (Fatboy Slim’s “Smell The Kahuna” Mix) - Fatboy Slim - Greatest Remixes (6:35)]

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  1. Avatar for Jon Galloway
    Jon Galloway May 9th, 2005
  2. Avatar for ThaNerd
    ThaNerd May 9th, 2005

    an old trick consisted in setting your video adapter's hardware acceleration to "none" where it defaults to "full" in a slider control. Then you could do an "Alt+Print-screen". However, i guess you could no more with recent versions of Windows Media Player.

  3. Avatar for Quadsk8
    Quadsk8 May 14th, 2005

    Had the CD playing in my car for hundreds of times, with this as my favorite track... Now this was the first time I saw the Video: Frightening...