Today has been an awful day, starting just past midnight, I lose the database for my site. Later, I played in the most dreadful soccer game ever. We only fielded ten players, but the other team only had seven showup to start! Yet, they managed to put three in the back of the net by half-time.

At half time, one more of their players showed up and one of ours had to leave, leaving us with a only a 9 to 8 advantage (which felt like a disadvantage at this point). If it wasn’t for a red card one of their player’s drew for kicking me in the chest while I was down on the ground, they probably would have scored 10 goals in the second half, rather than keeping the score at 3 to nill. It was complete and total humiliation.

Now, after recreating my blog entries (an upbeat note), my Toshiba M205 takes a dive with the blue screen of death and won’t boot properly. GodDamnPieceOfShitSonofabitch!!!

Anyways, I’m annoyed, but not too down about it. Heck, I live in Los Angeles, it’s sunny outside, and my wife made me a nice coffee. I really can’t complain. But I just did, didn’t I. ;)

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that my office smells like dog piss because Twiggy has taken a liking to doing her dirty deed in a particular corner of the room. Just lovely.