Oh the Irony! Hilary Rosen Complains About DRM

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Yes, THAT Hilary Rosen. The RIAA’s former top attack dog Hilary Rosen is complaining about DRM on music. This is an interesting topic for her first post on Arianna Huffington’s new blog. Does she not realize the inherent irony of her complaint?

[Listening to: Suedehead - Morrissey - Viva Hate (3:55)]

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    ThaNerd May 9th, 2005

    True about the irony. But actually, i rather think she's right in the end, saying that Apple was so much worried about Microsoft's monopoly, and maybe they could sue apple back, and have the crowd saying "go for it, Bill, kick his ass!".

    Actually, i don't really think this will ever happend. Or it'd have been done for a while!