From Scoble’s blog we hear that…

MAJOR NEWS. Steve Ballmer is sending email to all Microsoft employees explaining that Microsoft is reversing its position on the anti-discrimination bill.

You know, it would be petty to say it, but I will. I Told You So! ;) All kidding aside, I’m heartened to see Microsoft change its positions. It just shows that corporations can look solely past the bottom line and consider the common good. In doing so, I believe it will support the bottom line anyways in a more far reaching manner.

As for those who worry that..

…people should be able to use Microsoft products without having to support political causes they don’t.

I’d like to point out two things. First, by choosing any product you’re endorsing certain causes whether you like it or not. You’re wearing clothes made by children in a sweatshop in Chile? Guess what, you’re supporting an oppresive system. Secondly, by purchasing Microsoft, you’re already supporting this particular position. This bill in particular is merely a reflection of a policy Microsoft already has internally regarding anti-discrimination. It’s not taking rights away, it’s merely protecting rights in the corporate environment. In other words, it’s a gimme.