Tentative logo Ken Robertson points out some minor inaccuracies (none intentional) in my announcement about Subtext concerning Community Server.

I went ahead and made some corrections in the announcement, though I defended my point about targeting different markets which I will repeat here.

As for the target market, I see your point that I may be slightly off. My point is that by commercializing Community Server, you’ve created an incentive to target the needs of larger paying corporations. You’re a business and you need the cash inflow. Nothing wrong with that.

I also go on to mention in my update to the announcement

Starting this project is not an attack of Telligent or Community Server by any means. I do wish them well. I just think there’s still room for a tightly focused Open Source blogging engine targeted to individuals with no restrictions. It’s very likely that Community Server 1.1 or 1.2 will blow our socks off and have us questioning whether Subtext is worth the time. But until then, I think Subtext will ride the wave of backlash at the perceived hastiness in which CS 1.0 was released and hopefully turn into a compelling product in its own right. We’re carving out a niche here.

Only time will tell if I’m proven wrong or not. In the mean time, we have a team of people really amped about this project. It will be a fun experiment whatever happens.

Get involved!
If you’re interested in helping out, please feel free to check out the project site, make or comment on feature requests, or if you’re really bold, load up CVS and take a look at the source code.

Also, if anyone out there is a WiX expert, I could certainly use some help!

P.S. That logo up there is a tentative logo made by Robb. Who knew that dude was an artist?

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