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I’m chatting with my buddy Micah who will ask me a question and then annoyingly answer it himself immediately after. For example, he asked me how FireFox picks up an icon from web pages. I replied that there’s a favicon protocol but that I didn’t know the details. He then proceeded to explain how to format the link tag properly.

Apparently the latest version of Trillian will highlight words with links to their definition in Wikipedia. So as you chat with your friends, you become a living breathing dictionary. That’s a rather nice feature for IM conversations.

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  1. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight April 22nd, 2005

    I've been on 2.x of Trillian for a while now, been hesitant to upgrade to 3.x...what does he have to say about it? Any major issues w/ the upgrade?

  2. Avatar for Micah
    Micah April 22nd, 2005

    I upgraded from 2.x myself Had a funny issue with the skin screwing up but the Trillian site had a fix. Change to minimal skin then back to default. After that it worked like a charm. I love the new tabbed interface, the Wikipedia and Google integration.

  3. Avatar for Anonymouse
    Anonymouse May 27th, 2006

    I think it's annoying

  4. Avatar for Guido Gloor Modjib
    Guido Gloor Modjib August 30th, 2006

    I think it's annoying as well. Anybody found a way to switch it off?

  5. Avatar for Karma Adjuster
    Karma Adjuster August 29th, 2010

    Every time I install trillian, I have to spend at least 30 minutes hunting down the buried feature to turn those damn highlights and underlining off. With the latest version I've spent almost an hour and can't find the feature. I'm likely to stop using trillian all together because if this one annoying feature.

  6. Avatar for Karma Adjuster
    Karma Adjuster August 29th, 2010

    ah HA! I figured it out for version 5.0
    In the preferences menu search for "configure"
    you'll see "Chat Windows" is the only thing not grayed out.
    Go to "Chat Windows" and scroll to the bottom where it has the "Configure Instant Lookup..." button and click it
    You'll then need to delete 'configure' from the search window so you can see all the boxes to uncheck.