So There Was a Real Hattori Hanzo

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Hattori Hanzo A while ago I wrote about Seppuku, Katanas, and Samurai and made a joking reference to Hattori Hanzo.

In my comments someone named Lazken notes that a Hattori Hanzo did exist, but he did not make swords. You can read about Hanzo in the samurai archives.

Lazken goes on to say that we watch too many Kill Bill movies. Umm… dude… there’s only two of them. ;)

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  1. Avatar for hirosha nicowawe
    hirosha nicowawe May 8th, 2006

    no way man

  2. Avatar for chino
    chino June 30th, 2006

    yes . as a matter of fact, there was once a brave leader who lead over a hundred strong ninjas under Tokugawa Shogunate. This name not only existed in a video game or Kill Bill Movie but also in Japanese History.

  3. Avatar for glenn landers
    glenn landers November 8th, 2006

    yes.he was not just ninja.he was jo-nin.equivalent to general.high rank.medieval densho(scrolls)show record of this.

  4. Avatar for Joseph
    Joseph May 16th, 2007 email me and we can talk about Hanzo Hattori.

  5. Avatar for believe
    believe December 24th, 2007

    yes, hattori hanzo did exist, he is indeed the greatest ninja in ninja history

  6. Avatar for cj
    cj July 14th, 2008

    i herd it is the strongest sword in the word and the swiftest to

  7. Avatar for melissa
    melissa May 7th, 2011

    wow that's wicked!!!i tought hanzo was just a cool ninja in a game call samurai warriors 2 but i see he's real that's just-wow i still cant believe it i wonder if they have an actual picture of him and his family but i dont think so since their was no camera's back then

  8. Avatar for Alex
    Alex November 30th, 2011

    Yeah even though he was a ninja he didn't look much like one