It's the Little Touches - Trillian and MSN Messenger.

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Yesterday I wrote about a neat Trillianfeature that highlights words with their Wikipedia definition.

Today Dimitri told me via MSN Messenger that I caused him to buy some music online. While I was out for a walk, I had left my iTunes playing. I’m using the new 7.0 version of MSN Messenger which allows you to automatically publish what you are currently playing as your status message. Apparently something I was listening to (as I have fantastic taste in music) caught his attention enough that he clicked on the song and bought it.

You have to love these small details that make software more interesting to use. Trillian’s wikipedia integration puts knowledge at your fingertips (to use a much bandied about Microsoft phrase), while Messenger connects us via the universal language of music. I love checking Messenger to see what people are playing at any given moment.

So Dare (currently playing something by, whoelse?, 50 cent), much kudos to you and your team on the latest messenger as well as for helping unleash the inner consumer whore within each of us. :)

[Listening to: Athena - Tiësto - Parade of the Athletes (6:17)]

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  1. Avatar for Luke Wertz
    Luke Wertz May 30th, 2005

    Whereas iChat v3 in Mac OS X.4 has iTunes playlist integration as well as built in Oxford dictoinary and thesaurus... the the dictionary and thesaurus are integrated in the OS, so there's no need for slow internet lookups! :)

  2. Avatar for steeve
    steeve January 23rd, 2007

    yo Athena by Tiesto is a sick track man! I love checking ppl's msn for the music they listen to. I also try to do my part by listening to good stuff, so that others actually go and check it out and maybe maybe they'll listen to some Talib Kweli instead of some 50Cent i unno that's just me

  3. Avatar for marcus andrews
    marcus andrews September 2nd, 2008

    Is there any way to recieve this info from Trillian? I know a few people that have this setting enabled on thier MSN client, and i want to be able to see it using my Trillian client.
    I tend to rename my contacts with sensible names inside my client (perhaps this is hiding the info). I have tried toggling the "toggle email/friendly name display", to no avail.
    I might be missing something silly, but i thank you in advance for any advice.