Pensamiento de Cancun (Thinking About Cancun)

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CancunPlanning a vacation is proving to be a challenge now that I’m independent. Last year, Akumi and I decided that we were going to England for two weeks this April. Well April has come and is about to go, and we’re no closer to Jolly old England (and Old Trafford).

With my project ramping up, I just don’t think we can do two weeks of vacation in a row. Of course, this isn’t really fair to my wife as I’m still going to Burning Man at the end of August. We need a shorter vacation for the two of us, so I thought of our good neighbors next door. Mexico!

Having surveyed her Mexican expatriate coworkers, my wife reported that they unanimously declare Cancun as the place to go. Armed with that information, we nearly jumped on an all-inclusive deal that would have us flying out of Los Angeles this Saturday. But good sense (or something resembling it) took hold and we stopped ourselves (for the moment).

I’m skeptical of all-inclusive deals because of the simple fact that once they have you there, they don’t have much incentive to step up the quality of food. Imagine travelling all the way to Mexico for bad Mexican food. ¡Aye Carumba!

So now we’re looking at November as a good time to enjoy the turquoise beaches of Cancun and Tulum. However, if you’ve been there and had a great time (or not), I’d love to hear about it. ¡Muchas Gracias!

[Listening to: Dreaming (Percussion Mix) “Vamos a Jugar en el Sol!” - Ruff Driverz Pres. Arrola - Trance: A State of Altered Consciousness (5:25)]

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  1. Avatar for Chris Serjak
    Chris Serjak April 20th, 2005

    Your neighbors to the west are heading to Puerto Vallarta as soon as I get home. A week of lounging on the beach, drinking Coronas, snorkeling, and mountain biking in the jungle. Paradise. It's on the Pacific so the water is not as clear and it's not as reliably warm, but the flights are cheaper and the town is less touristy. Check out

  2. Avatar for .e.
    .e. April 20th, 2005

    There is an article in the current print of Money about vacations. It doesn't seem to be online but they do have this info:

    Not about Cancun... but you may find it interesting anyways.

  3. Avatar for gary
    gary April 21st, 2005

    cancun is a blast! the weather is awesome, the food is good, the booze was nonstop. just don't make the same mistake I did...bring extra lube! trust me brah.

  4. Avatar for Daniel Moth
    Daniel Moth April 23rd, 2005

    Cancun is great, we did it 16 months ago. SCUBA diving, dolphin experience, Chitchen Itza, beach, sea and of course the nightlife... go for it!