Where Do These Bruises Come From?

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Elbow Yesterday Akumi pointed at my elbow in shock and asked me what happened.

“What happened to what?” I replied?

“You’re elbow. It’s badly bruised.”

Sure enough my entire elbow is covered in a dark shade of reddish purple. “Huh. How about that. I have no idea.” I did go to a party the night before, but I’m pretty sure I managed to stay on my feet the entire night. I don’t remember getting injured during soccer. It just showed up.

I’ll be sure to install a web-cam in the bedroom tonight. I have a sneaking suspicion that Akumi beats me while I sleep. If she does, it’s probably well deserved as I’ve been known to elbow her in the head while we sleep from time to time…. Hmmm. I better check her head.

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  1. Avatar for .e.
    .e. April 18th, 2005

    Consider purchasing some insurance...



  2. Avatar for Chris Serjak
    Chris Serjak April 20th, 2005

    Tell Akumi to talk to Susan. I've been known to soccer kick just as I fall asleep. She's learned to anticipate and deflect the blow. Apparently the kick usually wakes me up enough to mumble, "ugh, huh...oh...sorry...zzzzzz." I never remember it in the morning so it could be all lies to justify her smacking me around all day.

  3. Avatar for pam
    pam August 26th, 2007

    What was the cause of the bruise? My boyfriend has it too.