Community Server Fix for Posting Comments from Feed Readers and a Rant for Good Measure

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Jayson Knight has been cutting his teeth on the latest version of .TEXT now called Community Server trying to get it’s RSS and CommentAPI support to work.

Thankfully he posts his fix here for others to use.

I’m pretty sure he’d agree with me that given the chance, he wouldn’t have upgraded to Community Server so soon after its release. To be fair, it’s an ambitious release intending to integrate Forums, Blogs, and Photo Galleries all in one package. But for me personally, and I’d guess for a lot of .TEXT users, this wasn’t a necessary feature. Especially not at the cost of having existing features break.

It seems to me that the Telligent guys have released this puppy a bit too early. It’s really bothersome how much the RSS and commenting features regressed in this release. It’s not a case of simply introducing a bug that accidentally disables a feature, but instead appears to be a case of dropping the code for existing functionality. Who, besides the ever patient beta community, tested this?

Installation is still a tricky beast with this software as I’ve had difficulty getting it up on my development machine. Understand that I was able to get .TEXT installed and CS is supposed to have simplified the installation process. As many of you know, installing .TEXT is a trip to the dentist without N2O.

The reason I had chosen .TEXT in the first place was for its SQL Server support, and its the primary reason I’ll stick with it as running ad-hoc reports against my blog is quite convenient. I’ve considered DasBlog, but probably won’t switch until someone (or myself) writes a SQL provider.

One thing I like about DasBlog is that it’s focused on being a good blog engine. I think its that focus that will keep it very tight and without the annoyances of CS. So far, CS is a big disappointment.

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  1. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight April 19th, 2005

    Clicking on the DasBlog link comes back w/ this message?

    Due to issues with the blogging software I was using, I have been instructed to suspend this service.

    I am looking at alternative software solutions so that "Das Blog" can continue. Please check back soon



    I really wish they'd have gotten it right on the initial release; they've now scared a ton of .Text users off to other blogs as they're afraid A).Text will no longer be supported (doesn't really matter as it works pretty well, plus the source is pretty straightforward for anyone wishing to make mods) and B)that Telligent may never get it 100% (though I know for a fact 1.1 is gonna be much more stable, more details about that later on).

    My next big personal project w/ CS is to make a "Diet CS" version for single bloggers like us. I could probably pare the DB in half, and get the codebase down to perhaps 2/3 what it is now, though there is a lot of reliance on the Forums code for the blogging part (!?!). The coolest thing about CS is they way it handles Url rewriting though; as a web dev you should at least have a look at how they do it...very extensible and flexible.

    Several times I swore I was going back to .Text, so my advice to anyone looking to jump to CS, just stay w/ .Text for now and have a look at 1.1 when it comes out (which should be within a month or so).

  2. Avatar for Jason Kemp
    Jason Kemp April 19th, 2005

    I hear ya, Phil. I tried CS as soon as it was released, and, IIRC, the DB script wouldn't run without errors, or was it that it installed but I couldn't get the web server to see the db? I can't remember and frankly don't want to. It's obviously not ready, although I do like their new html doc layout.

    The CS feature set is WAY more than I'd ever want, and I find it prohibitive to add pages or new things on the homepage. I think they designed it with and in mind: big, multi-user sites. That is way more than I need. Even .Text is more than what I need.

    Given that I don't know enough about ASP.NET to suit, I'd like to give writing my own engine on top of the .Text DB schema a shot. If only I had more time!

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked April 19th, 2005

    Since .TEXT is BSD licensed, perhaps it's time to create a branch of .TEXT as a separate open source project.