Looking through my statistics today and I noticed that I received a lot of hits from this post about Google Maps using satellite photography.

Looking in my referrer logs, I noticed that most of the visits were rolling off of Google form users who were searching for the term “Google Satelite”. I just happened to be the fourth search result on the page.

“Cool” I thought to myself, “but they’re all misspelling “satellite”. Then it occurred to me that they weren’t the only ones who were spelling challenged. I had inadvertently misspelled “satellite” in the title of my post.

I’m probably dredging up yesterday’s news here, but it occurred to me that one could really get great search results for hot search words by misspelling them in ways that people commonly misspell them. This is the same thinking behind someone who tries to register “amazn.com” or “micrsoft.com” hoping that millions of typos will send users their way.

So if you want to be THE blog about “onomatopoeia”, start writing about your love of “onomatopeia” or “onomatopoea”. That’ll create some buzz.

I’ll have to figure out a way to register “hacked.com”.