Family Guy Uncancelled. Long Live Stewie!

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Stewie This is old news, but I am so glad that the Family Guy is “uncancelled”. It truly is of “The Simpsons” caliber of humor.

The irony of my statement is that we pretty much don’t watch TV any more. Instead I look forward to new seasons appearing on DVD (and thus in our Netflix queue). We watched a DVD of old Family Guy episodes last night and I nearly burst a vein from laughing. I’m a very physical laugher.

My favorite character (shown) is the diabolical baby Stewie. He’s also the source of my favorite quote in the show so far.

Damn you vile woman, you’ve impeded my work since the day I escaped your vile womb.

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  1. Avatar for Pat
    Pat April 8th, 2005

    Personally, I prefer "For every chocolate sprinkle you put on my ice cream, I shall kill you." -Stewie

  2. Avatar for Noah Coad [MS]
    Noah Coad [MS] April 9th, 2005

    Family guy rocks! Hehe, and I do the same thing, don't hardly ever watch TV, but watch a lot of Netflix. I end up skipping entire seasons of TV shows just to see the episodes back to back w/out commercials on DVD using my 8x Netflix account. :)

  3. Avatar for Ryan
    Ryan April 26th, 2005

    can i have the family guy video code ?

  4. Avatar for bob
    bob June 4th, 2005

    the ruputured capillarys in ur nose bely the clarity of ur wisdom as for u kind sage a hope my heart filled sediment keep u warm in the next ten years in FROZEN CARBINE!!!!- Stewie gilligan griffin

  5. Avatar for beth
    beth June 12th, 2005

    go away FAT MAN!-Stewie

  6. Avatar for justin foltz
    justin foltz June 12th, 2005

    this show beats the hell out of the simpsons.

  7. Avatar for hdlace
    hdlace April 30th, 2006

    I'm not too sure... It's a close run between Stewie and Brian.