UPDATE: 2014/05/13 I lost it when I migrated it and honestly i don’t feel the need to have it up at the moment.

I put up an HTML version of my resume on my blog.

It has a slight bit more information than my Word resume which I think lends well to the online experience. For a moment I thought about using the Marquee and Blink tags all over and have animated dancing babies, but I don’t have the design skills to do that tastefully. I even forgoed adding Google and Amazon ads all over.

Since I’m now an independent consultant, I think it’s a good idea to have that sucker online, though I think my blog posts will give the potential client a better sense of my experience and abilities.

If you have suggestions for online resumes, let me know. I’ve thought about adding even more information in collapsible regions etc… in an effort to make it more “interactive” but I thought better of it. Maybe simplicity is best for now.