Visual Studio.NET New Project Template Folders

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I’m sure you’re constantly asking yourself this, because I certainly wake up every morning in a cold sweat wondering. When you add a new project in Visual Studio.NET 2003 (friends call her VS.NET), you get the following dialog

Add New Dialog \ The beginnings of another bug ridden coding section…

Now looking at that familiar dialog underneath the “Project Types:” section, you probably noticed the usual suspects are there: “Visual C# Projects”, “Visual Basic Projects”, etc… But did you also notice there’s a few other folders there such as “Visual C# Projects for DotNetNuke 3”?

Now for the million dollar question: How do you add your own folder there?

Reading through what I could find online, I understand how to use your .vsdir and .vsz files to create a new template, but I couldn’t find anything that described how to create your own project type grouping.

So I did a little digging through the registry and found the following registry location:


Just to make sure that adding keys to this location in the registry was sufficient, I brashly took Regedit (without even backing up my registry, an incredibly stupid thing to do), and created a new sub key, using SQL Query Analyzer and the newid() function to generate a new GUID for me. Under that key I added a sub key named “/1”. Under that key I set the following three values as seen in this screen shot.

Registry Settings \ Must this egotistical idiot use his last name in everything?

And here you can see the registry keys structure. The one I added is at bottom.

Registry Keys \ Ahh, “Haack” is nowhere to be seen. Forturnately it’s not a proper GUID.

So the next step is to create a VS.NET Setup and Deployment project to package my templates and add this registry setting automatically. Hope you can sleep peacefully now.

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  1. Avatar for zahidiqbal
    zahidiqbal May 12th, 2005

    i want to install on my computer but i have lost the key of it plz send me the key on my email address

  2. Avatar for Gerald Gibson
    Gerald Gibson June 12th, 2005

    zahidiqbal - That was a pathetic response.

    Nice research Haacked.

  3. Avatar for Santhosh
    Santhosh April 16th, 2006

    Thanks.. Spent a lot of time figuring this out.. :-)

  4. Avatar for weder gonzalez
    weder gonzalez November 28th, 2006

    ison excelentes, pero necesito la clave de visual para instalarlo

  5. Avatar for patnaBABA
    patnaBABA March 7th, 2007

    nice...and thanx to that..person who has figure out this tricks
    one more things
    if you dont have sql server query analyzer than...
    open Visual Studio.NET window application project type
    Select Tools Menu > Create GUID
    <Drive>:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Common7\Tools\guidgen.exe
    > Select Radio Button (Registry Type) > Click on New GUID Button > Copy and now paste it..

  6. Avatar for Amit Sachan
    Amit Sachan September 20th, 2008

    i want a new project
    i am a programer i develop many kind of software
    please give me information