VS.NET Web Development Is a Memory Hog. 2GB or Not 2GB (i.e. 1GB)?

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I’ve been playing with DotNetNuke at home and after an hour or two, VS.NET 2003 is typically using up around 150 to 200 MB of RAM as well as 200 MB of virtual memory. Web development on VS.NET is a big memory hog when the project size gets large enough.

Since I’m running on a paltry 512 MB of RAM (since when did 512 MB of RAM become paltry? I spent $99 to upgrade my Amiga from 512 KB of RAM to 1MB, but I digress) I thought it’s about time to upgrade my system.

Looking at prices today, I found a nice deal on a 2GB Kingston kit (2x1GB) for $278.98. Not a bad price, eh? I’m wondering if 2GB is just plain overkill. Then again, if I run some virtual pc instances, I might want that extra memory.

Compare this to a Kingston 1GB kit (2x512MB) for $94.48. 1GB is a lot cheaper. I should mention that I have a 800 MHZ FSB so I’m looking at PC3200 DDR 400 memory cards.

Oh, and this post is my new personal record for number of acronyms in a post.

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  1. Avatar for Sharp as a Marble
    Sharp as a Marble March 28th, 2005

    You can never have too much memory ;)

    Because I tinker with graphics, the extra memory helps. Sometimes, when I'm playing with fractals, memory requirements can get into hundreds of megs per image to compute. It's nice to be able to render and still be able to swap between applications without any disk thrashing.

    If you can afford the 2G, I'd say go for it. But I'm running 1G and still loving life, so it still might be a bit of overkill.

  2. Avatar for jayson knight
    jayson knight March 29th, 2005

    i say go for the 2 gigs if you can afford it. fuck it, go for it even if you can't. i have 1 gig on both my lappie and desktop; it's not enough...planning on upgrading myself.

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 29th, 2005

    That's what I was hoping to hear Jayson. I'm purchasing it today.