ReSharper is no longer going to be the super bargain it currently is as they are raising the price. Even at $149, it’s a worthwhile product. But if you see yourself doing development with VS.NET 2003 for a long while (and don’t kid yourself, you will be), I highly recommend giving this product a twirl.

Well, the time has come for ReSharper to return to its originally intended price of $149 USD. The current $99 USD price was planned to be an introductory offer for the first month of its release, but we were having so much fun spreading ReSharper’s angelic features to the .NET world, we just kept it that way for the last 9 months! Womb jokes aside, we’ll be offering free upgrades from ReSharper 1.x to our new baby, ReSharper 2.0… is that a deal or what? And seeing that we don’t like to be spoil-sports, we are giving a month long warning before the new price goes into effect on April 5th, so take advantage of the $99 offer now, while supplies last - and don’t forget to tell your friends.

Get it here:

-The JetBrains ReSharper Team

[Via JetBrains News]