Chivas USA vs Osasuna

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Chivas vs Osasuna soccer game

Went to watch a friendly between Chivas USA and Osasuna of La Liga (Spanish premier league) at the Home Depot Center Saturday night. Thanks to a soccer buddy Ed (who happens to work for Fox Sports World), Akumi and I were sitting in some pretty nice seats. Near the end of the rather unexciting game, we were invited by Ed’s friend to see the luxury suite. And when he said “THE” luxury suite, he wasn’t kidding. It was the stadium owner’s double sized suite right on the 50. Very nice.

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  1. Avatar for dk
    dk March 27th, 2005

    looks like a high school game! where are the fans!

    Nevertheless, sweet seats...

  2. Avatar for J Donnici
    J Donnici March 27th, 2005

    So, being in SoCal... will you become a Chivas fan, or stick with the Galaxy (assuming you root for a home team, that is)? Looking forward to the new season...

  3. Avatar for Haacked
    Haacked March 28th, 2005

    DK, the game wasn't promoted widely and it's a pre-season friendly. Still, I thought there'd be a LOT more fans.

    J - I'll still root for the Galaxy. Especially if they nab Landon Donovan.

  4. Avatar for el TRI
    el TRI December 31st, 2007

    who won and what was the score ?