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Is anyone else getting tired of writting:

private bool _autoAccept;
public bool AutoAccept 
  get {return _autoAccept;} 
  set {_autoAccept = value;} 

I’ve pretty much decided that it is just preferable in these cases to just make the member variable public.  I’m am being bad?  ;-) 

My answer? I think he should be publicly flogged, smeared with tar and feather, and paraded around town in a pink tutu.

Ok, that might be a bit extreme. I don’t really believe that.

I think using a public field is fine in some cases. If the interface is unlikely to change. If you’re not writing library code. etc… If you can easily refactor it later if necessary. I’m not a complete and total purist about this.

Now before you OO purists get on my case, I’d like to point out that I always use full properties because I HATE FxCop warnings in my code. ;) Also, I have a nice little code expansion template in Resharper. I simply type


and I get a full expansion of the property, allowing me to fill in the type and private member name. You can see a description here.

Resharper also has an ALT+INSERT shortcut for generating code snippets, but I find my little expansion to be faster for me.

Although I’m not an OO purist nazi, I do think that the encapsulation benefits of properties are worth the trouble, especially when they aren’t much trouble.