A while ago I introduced you to Twiggy, our skittish Italian Greyhound. Well she’s no longer the skittish type. Skittish was so five minutes ago she tells us. Now she’s acting more like her full sized Greyhound cousins by being a total couch potato.

Especially now that I work from home and she’s free from her exercise pen during the day. Her main agenda item for the day is making sure to find a nice sunbeam to lay in as evidenced in this photo taken today.

Twiggy Finds Her Beam

She works very hard to stay in the sunbeam as evidenced by this photo taken two days ago.

Twiggy struggles for the beam

I’m trying to get her to pull her own weight around the house. She eats, sleeps, pees, and poos but doesn’t give anything back. So I tried to get her to write some code for me while I went to get a drink, figuring I could give the client a discount for work she does, but this is how I found her when I got back. Lazy dog.

Twiggy Sleeps On The Job