It's Easier To Find Your Blog Than You Think

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My friend Walter points out some common sense advice about how not to get fired for the content of your blog. Of course this issue has been beaten to a pulp in the larger blogosphere, but one thing he mentioned caught my attention.

Of course most employers will probably never find any particular employees blog, and if they did they probably would not be offended.

You’d be surprised how easy it is for an employer to find your blog without even meaning to. Unless you restrict your content to something quite unrelated to any of your company’s interest, your content is almost certainly going to have posts that are related to your field. That’s when Google kicks in. The large majority of my referrals come from Google searches. Often from people searching for information on a particular technical problem I just happened to write about.

That’s why the solution is to hide your identity and lie lie lie!

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  1. Avatar for Walt
    Walt March 7th, 2005

    Thanks for noting that the issue has been beaten to a pulp - I hope it was my blog entry that killed the proverbial horse.

  2. Avatar for Sushant Bhatia
    Sushant Bhatia March 7th, 2005

    Lying's Bad...mkay! :-)

  3. Avatar for Anonymous Email
    Anonymous Email April 25th, 2005

    Completely agree. You can not hide enough. The net is so transparent. I do people searches always on google. Manytimes I have found some "dirt" while checking people.

    Hide yourself or you are f***