The Freshest BreakDancing Ever!

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A coworker sent me this video of some of the most amazing breakdancing I’ve seen. And no, this isn’t that pop locker dude. Check out the way he does push-ups near the end. Amazing.

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  1. Avatar for Colin
    Colin March 2nd, 2005

    That's awesome. The message at is funny too:




  2. Avatar for Cathode Ray Tan
    Cathode Ray Tan March 3rd, 2005

    Had the most painful experience in recent memory this morning. Just prior to waking I had been dreaming that Violet and I were just cruising around town and talking to friends. While doing this everyone that we came in contact...

  3. Avatar for David
    David March 14th, 2005

    thats an awsome dance. Who ever was dancing was very good and strong. i am trying to learn but i can not aford a dvd to learn by. bye

  4. Avatar for danie
    danie March 16th, 2005

    dude that has to be one of the most incredible showings of strength i have ever seen. He just showed everyone up.

  5. Avatar for Ruben
    Ruben March 22nd, 2005

    WOW!! My jaw dropped when I saw this video. Simply amazing! Some of the things he does in his routine are almost unbeliveable. Does anyone know who this guy is or where I can find more videos of him dancing? thanks!

  6. Avatar for Glen
    Glen March 24th, 2005

    I want to see the guys legs, cos I don't believe his leg are real, how else could he do push ups, supported by his hands only.

  7. Avatar for T
    T March 25th, 2005

    It totally blew me away, the most amazing show of strength I have ever seen

  8. Avatar for lao killa
    lao killa March 26th, 2005

    dat was Sick as hell! I wish i can do dat.DAM!

  9. Avatar for ADAM O G
    ADAM O G March 31st, 2005

    I GOT TO SEE IT FUCKIN SOLID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Avatar for GZ
    GZ April 2nd, 2005


    god damn and this song what song is this hoyl crap it's DAmn nice

  11. Avatar for Nicky from Kimberley,RSA
    Nicky from Kimberley,RSA April 3rd, 2005

    I'm a dance Freak. & was totally amazed at the mans moves.

    I really am impressed & inspired to start break-dancing myself.

  12. Avatar for Tobias Hinnerup
    Tobias Hinnerup April 8th, 2005
  13. Avatar for mike
    mike April 25th, 2005

    that is the sweetest thing ive ever seen thats some crazy ass shit ive been trying to brak dance but no lubky im to white. lol later

  14. Avatar for mike vernik
    mike vernik April 25th, 2005

    that is the craziest thing ive ever seen ur incrediable i wish i could dance hlaf as good as u. peace out

  15. Avatar for big red
    big red May 1st, 2005

    the man in the video is "junior" he battles with the wanted posse.

  16. Avatar for chronicle
    chronicle May 10th, 2005

    wheres the link ?

  17. Avatar for uluzama
    uluzama May 12th, 2005

    yeah this dude is a beast. the strongest man alive, no doubt!

  18. Avatar for bboy flow
    bboy flow May 14th, 2005

    yo that is tight....that guys name is junior and yes he is pure strength...but if yall wanna check out some crazy shit...check out now tey aint nuthin like this guy but im sure theyll amaze you just as much!

  19. Avatar for bboy
    bboy May 14th, 2005

    he got beat at that comp(redbull)...sad to say he should of won...but he didnt..he got 4th or 5th i think..

  20. Avatar for aboody
    aboody May 24th, 2005

    hello my name is abdulla i want to download sum videos about how to learn break dancing how can i, and where can i find them??

    plz help me im despert...

    i've got this presintation about break dancing n ive got to learn how to dance...

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  21. Avatar for cynical
    cynical June 3rd, 2005

    what he does in the end is called a planche. i can do the planche, but not the push up part, and it is actually able to be done. i never saw anyone have a style so unique as junior, or really big gigantic arms as him! and in this competition, he got in 3rd place, sadly, he should have been in 1st if you tell me.

  22. Avatar for D-ToX
    D-ToX June 8th, 2005

    Look man he got some realy nice moves but in reality he wouldn't win because those moves he pulled off its not break dancing its just twisting your legs and plus i think their is something wrong with him because his legs are pritty small and you u watch it you will see!!!

  23. Avatar for random
    random June 11th, 2005

    or legs im not sure

  24. Avatar for random
    random June 11th, 2005

    he has a fake leg

  25. Avatar for the dude
    the dude June 16th, 2005

    some of you people are idiots. he doesnt have fake legs. its real, its possible, go get some exercise you little dweebs.

  26. Avatar for david
    david June 18th, 2005

    i have the full video its the swiss redbull competition....its all real, his name is junior and he came in 3rd place

  27. Avatar for Tom
    Tom April 1st, 2006

    Yes his name is Bboy Junior, he is from france and dances with wanted posse crew.
    his legs are NORMAL size its just that one of them has very limited function in it. He had poilio as a child and it wacked out the muscle growth in one of his legs. Thats why he hobbles when he walks.
    His body is normal proportions genetics wise its just that his upperbody is huge from bodyweight training.

  28. Avatar for Slo
    Slo August 17th, 2006

    That everyone is Junior!! I look up to him. He is sooo strong and talented. I have great balance and can do some moves, but nothing like him. He has 100% upper body strength and his arms are huge. Those moves are possible but it would take years to develope that!!
    oh and he does not have a fake leg!! Dummies!

  29. Avatar for Chris
    Chris August 29th, 2006

    Nooo You All Got It Wrong His Legs Were Strangly Short When He Was Born And He Couldnt Walk Properly And Had To Walk On His Hand For Somthing Like 12 Years. Thats Why He's So Good At Breakdancing. Now His Legs Have Grown And He Can Walk Normally Now, But There Still Very Short.

  30. Avatar for Aok
    Aok October 23rd, 2006

    The D&B song used in this video is: "I know you got soul" (Acen Remix) - Trade Secrets.

  31. Avatar for bubblegumbetty
    bubblegumbetty January 10th, 2007

    I am in love--- I mean for real, what the fuck---- totally blew me away.

  32. Avatar for Presidio
    Presidio February 11th, 2007

    somebody got the link for the music?
    or even better, an mp3 or wma file???

  33. Avatar for ben yupon
    ben yupon March 13th, 2007

    that was so good i wash i could do that

  34. Avatar for aboohyah
    aboohyah January 5th, 2008


  35. Avatar for Hunter
    Hunter February 28th, 2008

    his name is Junior. he's French
    he is one of the b-boys that competes in the redbull BC One competition.
    he is now a judge.
    here are some more of his amazing videos... (for those interested)

  36. Avatar for November 19th, 2008

    Awesum breakdancing

  37. Avatar for bboymethod
    bboymethod March 13th, 2009

    All you guys are stupid im a bboy and junior does not have fake legs. His right leg is not as well developed as his left. Me and him are very good friends i met him at the ACC international. This is real they are called power moves.