It's Raining, It's Pouring, The Old Man Is Snoring

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It’s really coming down out there. On the freeway today I started hydroplaning a bit. Be careful out there. I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog due to being very busy. I have some big personal news (no, we’re not pregnant) to announce, but I promised not to announce it till others announce it.

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  1. Avatar for Niels Hansen
    Niels Hansen February 17th, 2005

    Man where have you been. I feel empty without reading a daily from Haack!

  2. Avatar for (Haacked) (Haacked) February 17th, 2005

    Real busy preparing... I'll send you an email later.

  3. Avatar for Walt
    Walt February 18th, 2005

    By the way, when it is raining in LA, it is usually nice in Seattle. Not surprisingly then, we have had one whole week of sunny cloudless days in the low 50s - now that's HOT (for Seattle). Enjoy the rain while it lasts because my bet is that it is coming back here soon.